About Me

I am passionate about improving the lives of young people.

I recognise how support from others is vital, after having suffered with my own challenges and mental ill health in the past. I especially know how this feels as a young person.

As a teenager I saw my Mum unwell with cancer for many years. Sadly, she passed away when I was 21 leaving a huge gap in my life at a key time when I was growing into an adult, trying to make choices about my own life, career and relationships. All things a girl needs her Mum to guide her through.

After years of my life on hold worrying about my Mum, she was now gone. I was unsure how to plan for my own future, it’s not something I thought I could really do. Times were very uncertain, and I struggled to move forward to develop into the person that I longed to be, I was so overcome by grief. I just didn’t know how.

However, over time I looked to change this outlook, I took responsibility, asked for help and moved forward in my life. Small steps are all I took, one day at a time. I started to become curious about the world. I wanted to understand my unhelpful thoughts and what I could do to turn things around.

I invested in myself…from the inside out.

I decided to learn about behaviour and the mind, undertaking a BSc (Hons) in Psychology whilst working as a Careers Adviser with children and young people. I later undertook training in NLP and Mindfulness. I sought out vital disciplines that would transform the way I thought, creating considerable positive changes in my life and those of others.

I found exercise and mindfulness to be powerful game changers for me and from there things started to make sense. I decided to put self-care at the top of my list, to take responsibility for my future and really truly understand about living the life that is aligned with my values.


My biggest lesson in life is that in fact things do not happen to us for a reason, despite what ‘they’ say.

Things happen.

Life can be hard, its what you do with it that matters.

My Mum dying was incredibly painful, it turned my life upside down, yet I am here and I am the strongest I have ever been both in body and in mind. I had to choose to be this way, to find the meaning behind my life and build the best one I can everyday.


Everyone has the power to find their own meaning in life.

Choose to live that life today.