Treat your body to good food & exercise

Posted By: | Posted On: 19th August 2019


We often think of food & exercise in terms of how our bodies look, especially this time of year when we are trying to get that beach body however, it’s also important to know that food & exercise can have a powerful influence on how we feel, our emotions, our confidence, our concentration & so much more. It’s the fuel to our life.

Put in your body what outcome you want.

I get it. It’s not easy to go to the gym, attend a new yoga class or go for a run.

I have been:

– So exhausted from my emotions of grief when my Mum passed away

– Deliriously tired from having 2 babies under 19 months

– Overwhelmed with life, in need of snacks on the go from studying a degree part time on top of work whilst raising a family.

Life happens, yet we still have a choice. We really do.

If we look at making small changes that help to increase those happy endorphins (free happy pill in my eyes!!) then over time those changes become habits & will replace unhelpful behaviours.

We will notice an improvement in our mood, concentration & a zest for life.

Make a note of when you feel good after exercise or eating well. Keep doing that.

Repeat. Again & again until it’s just what you do.

Dont beat yourself up if one day you eat 4 Kitkats. Or a few beers. Or both.
I still eat chocolate, crisps, wine & takeaways. I enjoy them in moderation. Its all about balance.

Each day you get to start over, just do your best to gain an awareness of how to treat your body to give it (& you) the life that you want.

How do you want to feel…from the inside out?