KidZania…exploring careers with our children

Posted By: | Posted On: 9th May 2018


I had a fantastic day out with the family at KidZania, London recently so thought I would share with you all as it’s a great way to explore career ideas in a fun interactive way!

KidZania is an interactive city made for children that combines inspiration, fun and learning through realistic role-play. Children can independently explore a scaled city of over 7,000 square metres with more than 100 exciting careers that they can try. We ventured round with our children (aged 5 and 7) but older children can explore on their own.

Through ultrarealistic role-play, children learn about different careers, the inner-workings of a city and the concept of managing money. Each experience is designed to empower children, giving them the confidence to be their best selves, and inspiration to be great global citizens. Favourites for my two were the being in the fire service, checking the pipes as an air conditioning engineer, working in H&M as a fashion designer, training as a pilot and being a chef!

We stayed for about 6 hours (they could have lasted longer!). It was great to talk about careers in a fun way, just starting to sow the seeds for what will be a life long journey.

The children also get paid ‘Kidzo’s’ for the work that they do, they can spend them on different activities during their visit, plus there is a little shop at the end to spend them or if they would prefer they can donate it to charity. They really have thought of everything, I would highly recommend it for a day out (note it’s Westfield at White City NOT Stratford – almost made that mistake!). It would also be a fantastic school trip alongside a careers programme.

Read my post about the importance of careers education, information, advice and guidance for young people and how I believe it needs to change. I believe ‘careers talks’ should be so much more than a tick box activity in a one off 30 minute session. Having more time to really engage with a person as a whole and give them time to process, discover and be challenged about what they believe they can do is much more effective and vitally, what young people deserve. My coaching sessions do just that, they allow young people the space to discover who they really are.

If you know someone who would like the opportunity to explore their career ideas, plan for option choices or post year 11/13 choices – then please contact me via Facebook Messenger or email me on