Mindfulness Programme for Children and Young People

What is really going on for young people and their minds? Why are so many stressed and feeling anxious?

I have seen all too often how young people can be hard on themselves. As a parent and practitioner with 20 years of experience of working with young people, I have witnessed first-hand the cruelty that people can impose on themselves with their thoughts and emotions as they find it hard to navigate a way forward. Often critical over the smallest of things that can then over time spiral into a pattern of negative self-talk and low self-esteem that if not addressed, could lead into adulthood with harmful effects on their mental health.

By working with me young people will start to understand how practicing mindfulness and self-compassion techniques on a regular basis can help us to calm our minds.

By regulating emotions and being kinder to themselves, young people will be better prepared to handle situations that maybe tricky or tough both now and in the future.

The practice of mindfulness empowers us to not ignore difficult situations or emotions, but to notice and face them so that they do not become supressed only to manifest at other times or in other ways. Numerous studies now show that a daily mindfulness practice can have a profound impact on our emotional wellbeing, our physical health, our ability to cope with stress and challenges, the quality of our relationships, and even our workplace performance.

Why mindfulness works for me:


I myself have embraced mindfulness practice and truly believe that my regular practices have enhanced my life and helped me to cope with life’s daily pressures. It has also transformed my ability to cope with stressful situations as they arise, especially juggling life with work and two small children life can be pretty busy at times! Mediation grounds me, it allows me to focus on one thing at a time and regulates my emotion’s, I can not recommend it enough.

Why young people will benefit from the mindfulness programme:

By taking part in the mindfulness programme ease will be bought into their life, their mind will start to feel calm and young people will learn to develop self-compassion, empathy, gratitude and kindness.

All of these tools are priceless practices to learn and will be beneficial to them into adulthood.


By building up the sessions over a number of weeks young people will engage in fun kinaesthetic activities that will keep them fully entertained. The mediation practices are introduced at a slow pace around games, video’s, discussions and even dancing! By moving through a structured programme the young people will know what to expect week by week. The magic will happen with the way the programme is taught, as I am passionate about nurturing their minds.

Kate in pod

The programme:

The Mindfulness Programme is open to children and young people aged 6+ in groups as well as a one to one programme.

This 12-16 session programme was developed by Youth Mindfulness. It covers the core themes of – Intention, Attention, Gratitude, Resilience, Kindness to Self, Kindness to Others & Purpose. There is a strong emphasis on experiential learning. Sessions are around an hour long, although a bespoke programme can be delivered to suit specific needs.

mindfulness programme

Please contact me to discuss how I can bring mindfulness practices to your group of children and young people.