What is your pain telling you? Wake up to new ideas!

Posted By: | Posted On: 14th March 2019


Heal – wow! A fantastic programme that I recently watched (find it on Netflix). It has been recommended to me many times. It really resonated with me in relation to my Mums death & my own healing. If you suffer with pain mentally or physically then trust me, it’s worth 2 hours of your life to watch.

The thing is none of the stuff they talk about during the film is new, in fact most of it is 1000’s of years old yet it’s taken until recent years for alternative medicine to be researched & evidenced as scientifically proven to work.

I am in awe of how amazing our minds & bodies are connected in such a powerful way.

For me, the healing process of grief & what I now know manifested in many different ‘illnesses’ (both physically & mentally), most definitely had been affected by my negative experiences of the treatment of disease & how I processed the whole experience after Mums passing. Times have drastically changed for me now, I look at that experience & my life in such a different way. This in part due to time, but also due to how I think about the way that my mind & body work (NLP also has a huge part to play in this).

There is absolutely a place for traditional western medicine in an emergency, but I believe that we need to be honest with ourselves…think about what we put in to our minds AND bodies (food, drink, unhelpful screen time, drugs, limiting beliefs), all of this over time builds up to too much stressful energy & bam…illness manifests. Maybe not immediately but months, sometimes years later.

I really do resonate with this. It was my life for a number of years. Until I started to make that shift.

Now I ask ‘what is this pain or illness trying to tell me?’ and make a change to those negative patterns, small steps are all I needed to take for a shift to occur.

Whilst I’m not perfect, my awareness is there & I am quickly able to change my focus, take control of what I CAN control & know what I need to do to let things go.

The key things that continue to help me are:

– Nutrition
– Exercise
– Meditation, gratitude & kindness

We are all different, we all have stuff that affects us along the way. Life can be hard, believe me I’ve been there. I watched my Mum suffer with cancer for 7 years & saw her die whilst she was holding my hand, it was a traumatic experience. I have been to the darkest of places & also come out of them.

One day I decided enough was enough, it was time to start to focus on something new & from there it grew I grew, I started to heal.

Now I am so grateful for my life & do what makes me feel good, right to my core.

As the film Heal shows, life CAN improve & you can feel healthy & happiness again after traumatic, painful experiences.

Healing comes from within; you just need to find your own way that works for you.

Give ‘Heal’ some of your time…let me know what you think!