What are you apologising for? Stop making excuses & live life – NOW!

Posted By: | Posted On: 2nd July 2019

rachel hollis

After a busy Week 1 of the school holidays I found a bit of ME time…this normally involves running, but today I decided to take some time to finish listening to this fantastic book on Audible, Rachel Hollis – Girl Stop Apologising.

For anyone like me, who has a fire in their belly about wanting more out of life, this book is well worth a look.

My lovely sister in-law @clairenokes introduced me to @msrachelhollis a few months back, I think she is pretty cool. She is a social media queen, has a lifestyle website, is a motivational speaker & author. Rachel is also a Mum & someone who speaks about life in a way that really works for me.

I’m a big fan of personal development books & mostly listen to them on Audible whilst driving, cleaning or running. Whilst there are many things in this book that I have already implemented into my life, there are numerous practical tips that I will definitely be taking on board. Always looking for ways to improve.

I love the idea about the ‘what if’s’ that we often think about really being our potential in disguise. And her mantra of ‘if not now, then when?’ That really spoke to me….making quicker decisions & going for it has really challenged, but enriched my life enormously.

Life is way too short to put things off. My Mum always said ‘Go for it!’ to us growing up & that’s exactly the feeling I got from this book. She also talks about the way working Mums carry around so much guilt about not being the perfect Mum, colleague, wife or friend & how we apologise for the life that we choose to live.

We should NOT apologise or put down, but be proud of what we are doing & back each other to be the people we want to be.

So much I could relate to this last few years.

A great easy read (or listen if like me you often ‘read with your ears’!) with some tangible takeaways & a chance to see things from a different perspective….always a good thing.

‘Why wait for a moment or reason to live your life….?’