World Mental Health Day – MATES event

Posted By: | Posted On: 10th October 2019

Today is World Mental Health Day and as many of you know mental health is very close to my heart.

It’s something that has affected me and many people I know. In fact, 1 in 4 of us will be affected by mental ill-health so it’s even more common than we realise. For our children and young people its 1 in 8 (that’s around 3 in every classroom). This has to change.

I supported at an amazing, brave & inspiring evening for World Mental Health Day last night organised by Dave Chase @MATES. I am so proud to have supported at this event.

MATES (Mental health Through Educational Speaking CIC) wanted to do something a bit special for our online community. We hosted a special intimate night with a small handful of friends from our online community to come and relax in the chilled atmosphere of The Transition, Chelmsford. Such a great place.

A panel of people from our online community sat and answered questions/having discussions about their own experiences with Mental Health, with opportunity for the small Invited group to chip in where they felt comfortable or just sit back and listen.

It was so great and we hope those who came felt proud of this. Talking, encouraging & being there for each other.

For those who would like to join our community of now 800 members who regularly talk, support and encourage one another, ill add the link in the comments. MATES (Mental Health Through Educational Speaking CIC).

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